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Staff Application [EU] ignZak’s Admin Application [Factions]


Position (helper - mod - sr.mod - admin) : Administrator

Minecraft Username : ignZak

Past Minecraft Usernames : 3kf, fosale, dhal and ignZak

Age (Must be older than 15) : 17

Timezone/Location (United States - PST) : United Kingdom (BST)

Do you have discord? : Yes, 6locc 6a6y#4179

Do you have a microphone? : Yes.

Able to record? : Yes.

Have you ever been punished on SacrificeMC? : Yes but shortly unbanned by an Administrator.

Have you ever been banned from any server? (If so, which ones and why?) Hypixel, butterfly clicking.

How long have you played SacrificeMC? : A day, i participated in a 4hour raid on FTOP 1 and i am willing to play more as I actually enjoy this server

Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server? (Provide proof) :

How would you improve SacrificeMC? : I would improve SacrificeMC by making daily events such as: Spleef, tnt run, tournaments and even raid events. I used to host events on a big server network called AnubisMC, i was a Senior Administrator there.

How have you helped people on the server? : I have listed in chat where they need to go for further assistance and told them some commands that may help them in the long run.

Why should we choose you over other applicants? : I should be chosen for the role I have applied for because out of my 5 years of being staff on servers I have developed a lot of skills, I am mature, active and self disciplined. I have worked for multiple servers such as: VanityMC, AnubisMC, Factions Lab, VerixPVP, BiteforceMC and such. All the servers I have listed my main job was to keep everyone happy and active in the community by hosting sales, events and giveaways in the discord. One of my most successful careers was at AnubisMC, it was home to very famous youtubers like: MooseCraft & Sharkboy09, even though it was pixelmon, skyblock and surivival I still used my techniques from factions to win players and make a boom in sales. I have made over 56k for AnubisMC throughout my 1 year being a Senior Administrator until I got promoted to a 'Staff Manager' aswell. I was mainly managing staff well-being and making sure everyone is upto date with upcoming events / updates.

On VanityMC I was an Senior Moderator on the Factions community my main job was to help others in chat, screenshare hackers that have been reported consecutively and watch over helpers and moderators to make sure they're doing the job correctly.

So in conclusion to this, i think you should choose me as I have some great personal qualities that I would like to use to help the community out.

Do you work well with others? : Yes I do, I managed a 40 man staff team.

Can you handle stressful situations? : Yes, I have handled many in my time of staffing.

Do you understand that you can be demoted at any time for anything? : Yes i understand clearly.