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Rules Screenshare Rules

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Refusal to SS
Logging whilst frozen - Permanent Ban
Refusal to give keyboard/mouse access to the staff member - Permanent Ban
Refusing to SS by asking for a different staff member (You can ask for another SS-Verified but if none are available/online you will be banned. You can't wait for them to come online.) - Permanent Ban
Trolling (pulling up porn, screwing around purposely etc) - Permanent Ban
Unable to download program due to lack of admin permission - Permanent Ban
Attempting to hide cheats in a "Private Folder" - Permanent Ban
Refusing in any way, and not listening to the staff member - Permanent Ban

Autoclicking Rules
Admit to using a Macro/Autoclicker - 30d Ban
Integrated mouse macros found (Razor etc) - Permanent Ban
Autoclicker found in SS without admitting - Permanent Ban

Admitting Rules
Admitting to using any blacklisted modifications - 30d Ban (2nd Offense: Permanent ban)
Admitting to using Xray - 7d Ban (2nd: 14d ban, 3rd: Permanent ban)

Recording a screenshare
Attempting to record a screenshare - Permanent Ban

Cheats found
Any form of autoclicker, client, or ghost client found (in use) - Permanent Ban

Illegal Activity
Databases (recent) found in screenshare - Permanent ban
Booters (recently used) found in screenshares - Blacklist
Player DOX's (recent) found - Permanent ban

Clearing / modifiying files
Clearing recycle bin before screenshare - Permanent Ban
Modifying any type of files in an attempt to bypass screenshare - Permanent Ban

JNATIVEHOOK Autoclicker - Permanent Ban

Ban Evading
If found ban evading in an SS - Ban Evasion Punishment

Scripting / Automated work
Admit to scripting to farm - 30d Ban
Used scripts found in SS - Permanent Ban
Admit to autofishing - 30d Ban
Autofishing found in SS - Permanent Ban
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